September 4th 2012
The world has become more interdependent, and this new reality requires a new kind of American leadership.

September 1st 2012
Being at the Republican convention brought to mind what this race really needs: a choice between two exceptional journeys.

August 28th 2012
The new president of Egypt should understand that his visit to Tehran is helping the Iranian regime.

August 26th 2012
A coming revolution in innovation and robotics may eliminate bad jobs and create good ones.

August 21st 2012
We need more than debates from our politicians. Just imagine what could be accomplished if the moderates were in charge instead of the radicals.

August 7th 2012
What’s preventing Americans from taking our education challenge seriously?

August 5th 2012
We can have a natural gas revolution that transforms our whole country or one that just transforms the electric grid. What’s it going to be?