Recent Times Columns:

  • A Good Bad Deal?

    July 1st 2015

    It’s too late for a great accord on limiting Iran’s nuclear program, but maybe not a worthwhile one.

  • Cold War Without the Fun

    June 24th 2015

    The world has changed, and so has the way the game of nations is played.

  • None of the Above

    June 17th 2015

    So many presidential candidates. So few daring ideas or trade-offs.

  • How to Beat the Bots

    June 10th 2015

    We have the workers. We have the jobs. Now we just need an employment dating service.

  • Planting Seeds in Baltimore

    June 3rd 2015

    The SEED School of Maryland has just graduated its first class, sending them on to colleges all over the country.

  • Contain and Amplify

    May 27th 2015

    We need a new motto for battling extremism in the Middle East. “Fighting terrorism” hasn’t worked so well.

  • Hillary, Jeb, Facebook and Disorder

    May 20th 2015

    Huge disruptive inflections in technology, the labor market and geopolitics have the 2016 presidential candidates in a leadership quandary.

  • Moore’s Law Turns 50

    May 13th 2015

    At 86, the man himself looks back at some of the predictions he made and how they have held up.