Recent Times Columns:

  • Did Dubai Do It?

    November 19th 2014

    On a visit to Dubai, several conversations pondered whether the crown jewel of the United Arab Emirates caused the Arab awakening.

  • Who Are We?

    November 16th 2014

    ISIS forces a painful look in the mirror for Arab Muslims.

  • Freud and the Middle East

    November 12th 2014

    Dreams, nightmares and the war against ISIS.

  • Makers and Breakers

    November 9th 2014

    The other great geopolitical struggle in the world today is happening on the Internet.

  • The World Is Fast

    November 5th 2014

    The biggest challenge of all was never discussed during the midterms: the surging of the market, Mother Nature and Moore’s Law at once.

  • Flying Blind in Iraq and Syria

    November 2nd 2014

    With no reporters inside ISIS territory to document the war, how do we know what’s happnening on the ground?

  • ISIS and Vietnam

    October 29th 2014

    There are parallels between the war in Vietnam and the conflict now in Iraq and Syria that haven’t been fully explored.

  • The Last Train

    October 26th 2014

    Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian environmentalists may have the best model for Middle East peace.