Recent Times Columns:

  • People of Influence

    July 2nd 2014

    The future of Ukraine is now in the hands of its own people.

  • Arsonists and Firefighters

    June 29th 2014

    Some argue that it is not inevitable that the Middle East erupt in sectarian conflagration.

  • ISIS and SISI

    June 25th 2014

    Why two Arab governing models are doomed.

  • What to Do With the Twins?

    June 18th 2014

    Weighing all the options and the complicated dynamics at play in Iraq and Syria.

  • 5 Principles for Iraq

    June 15th 2014

    There are many questions that need answering before the U.S. considers intervening.

  • The Real War of Ideas

    June 11th 2014

    The religious extremists and the committed environmentalists both want a Middle East without borders, but for very different reasons.

  • Obama on Obama on Climate

    June 8th 2014

    The president explains in an interview why the new E.P.A. rules on carbon are so pivotal.

  • Iraq’s Best Hope

    June 4th 2014

    In Kurdistan, democratic ideas in young minds.