Recent Times Columns:

  • The Many Mideast Solutions

    February 10th 2016

    Our presidential candidates can retire their platitudes about standing with Israeli and Sunni Arab allies.

  • Social Media: Destroyer or Creator?

    February 3rd 2016

    A man who helped set off the 2011 Tahrir Square uprising in Egypt has drawn some conclusions about “Facebook revolutions.”

  • Friends and Refugees in Need

    January 27th 2016

    A tidal wave of people threatens to overwhelm our top ally, the E.U.

  • What If?

    January 20th 2016

    What if the eras of the E.U., high growth in China, expensive oil and newly independent nations’ economic foundations are all over?

  • The Age of Protest

    January 13th 2016

    It’s no wonder people are morally aroused by the behavior they are exposed to. But beware when moral arousal manifests as moral outrage.

  • Up With Extremism

    January 6th 2016

    Here’s the radical campaign platform we need. We’re just not ready for it.