Recent Times Columns:

  • Trump and the Lord’s Work

    May 3rd 2016

    To get the nation’s politics unstuck, the intransigent version of the Republican Party had to be destroyed.

  • Out of Africa, Part III

    April 27th 2016

    In Senegal, a rap artist and a weatherman both worry for their nation’s future.

  • Out of Africa, Part II

    April 20th 2016

    A farming village too parched to sustain crops is also losing its men, who leave in search of work to support their families.

  • Out of Africa

    April 13th 2016

    In a city in the Sahara, migrants assemble with hopes of escaping to a better life.

  • Impossible Missions

    April 6th 2016

    For two decades, America’s foreign policy was driven by nation-building abroad, and it failed.

  • When the Necessary Is Impossible

    March 30th 2016

    Stabilizing Iraq and Syria depends on crushing ISIS and Shiites and Sunnis agreeing to share power.

  • Does Obama Have This Right?

    March 23rd 2016

    The president seems so intent on avoiding any Mideast invasion that he is underestimating the cost of his passivity.

  • What If?

    March 21st 2016

    What if the eras of the E.U., high growth in China, expensive oil and newly independent nations’ economic foundations are all over?