Recent Times Columns:

  • Czar Putin’s Next Moves

    January 28th 2015

    Is anyone paying attention to the awful things President Vladimir Putin of Russia is doing to Ukraine, not to mention his own country?

  • Say It Like It Is

    January 20th 2015

    You can’t dance around the topic of radical Islam.

  • We Need Another Giant Protest

    January 13th 2015

    How about a million-person march by Muslims for Muslims?

  • Time for a Pause

    January 6th 2015

    Rising cybercrime is roiling and reshaping today’s world before we’ve learned to adjust. How does anyone adapt?

  • Is Vacation Over?

    December 23rd 2014

    We haven’t seen the ramifications of the drop in global oil prices yet.

  • Who’s Playing Marbles Now?

    December 20th 2014

    There was a lot of Putin envy going around earlier this year. Oh how things have changed.

  • This Israeli Election Matters

    December 16th 2014

    A nation struggles with its identity.

  • Why 2014 Is a Big Deal

    December 13th 2014

    This could have been the year that tipped the scales toward action on climate change. Then the price of oil started falling.