Recent Times Columns:

  • ISIS Heads to Rome

    February 25th 2015

    The murderous ways of the Islamic State are no joke, but the Italians’ mocking of ISIS is rather appropriate.

  • Democracy Is in Recession

    February 18th 2015

    Turkey’s drift away from democracy is part of a much larger trend around the world.

  • A Bad Mistake

    February 4th 2015

    What’s behind the coming address to Congress by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel?

  • Czar Putin’s Next Moves

    January 28th 2015

    Is anyone paying attention to the awful things President Vladimir Putin of Russia is doing to Ukraine, not to mention his own country?

  • Say It Like It Is

    January 20th 2015

    You can’t dance around the topic of radical Islam.

  • We Need Another Giant Protest

    January 13th 2015

    How about a million-person march by Muslims for Muslims?