Recent Times Columns:

  • A Pump War?

    October 15th 2014

    The decline in oil prices is no accident. What’s really playing out here?

  • I.S. = Invasive Species

    October 12th 2014

    Just how did ISIS spread so far, so fast? The National Arboretum might have the answer.

  • Running on Empty

    October 8th 2014

    Who’s to blame for the recent major lapses from the Secret Service?

  • ISIS, Boko Haram and Batman

    October 5th 2014

    A bit of dialogue from “The Dark Knight” rings relevant in today’s world of disorder.

  • Order vs. Disorder, Part 4

    October 1st 2014

    The strategy of “containment” this go-round is not what it was during the Cold War.

  • Who Had It Easier, Reagan or Obama?

    September 28th 2014

    The final answer will have to come from historians years from now, but a look at several critical areas offers some hints.

  • ISIS Crisis

    September 24th 2014

    The mounting tension involved in the fight against the Islamic State is not going away anytime soon.

  • Three Cheers for Pluralism Over Separatism

    September 21st 2014

    Here’s why the no vote in Scotland was a good thing.