Recent Times Columns:

  • What’s Up With You?

    April 15th 2015

    The United States and China are now totally intertwined.

  • The Obama Doctrine and Iran

    April 5th 2015

    In a video interview with Thomas L. Friedman, President Obama discussed the calculations that informed the Iran nuclear framework and what they say about his overall approach to foreign policy.

  • Tell Me How This Ends Well

    April 1st 2015

    Reading the newspapers in China can be very interesting.

  • Look Before Leaping

    March 25th 2015

    What’s at stake in the nuclear deal with Iran?

  • Bibi Will Make History

    March 18th 2015

    How is the rest of the world going to react to an Israeli government that rejects a two-state solution and employs anti-Arab dog whistles to get elected?

  • Go Ahead, Ruin My Day

    March 18th 2015

    In looking at Israel, Iran and ISIS, why does it seem as though we have only bad choices, and nothing ever works?

  • Is It Sheldon Adelson’s World?

    March 11th 2015

    The influence of Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate and financial backer of right-wing causes, is being felt in both the United States and Israel.

  • What Bibi Didn’t Say

    March 3rd 2015

    Now that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has had his say, it’s time to ask: What is in America’s best interest?